Build your career with training from TempsPlus

TempsPlus is committed to assuring that each of our associates achieve their career goals. Our training programs were established with that objective in mind. Each TempsPlus associate will receive unrivaled training and expert guidance. You will have access to live and archived training webinars, as well as, continued education courses. These courses use a rigorous, results-based system which incorporates state-of-the-art technology designed by nationally recognized industry leaders. TempsPlus has also implemented a series of skills and personality assessments, which we encourage all new associates to take prior to coming aboard.

TempsPlus’ training offers:

  • Readiness training prior to first assignment
  • Educational webinars with top industry professionals
  • Hands-On training: learn on the job by the Best-of-the-Best

Once aboard with TempsPlus, you will be asked to participate in either our live or online readiness training prior to being scheduled for your first assignment; then it’s time to get started! While on the job, you will gain invaluable experience and training as you work with seasoned leaders in this remarkable industry. You can’t put a price on the opportunities you will encounter while working onsite! In addition, we all know continued education is key, which is why we created our Career Growth Program. When you are ready, these courses will be available for you to take online, anytime, absolutely free!

TempsPlus is steadfast in our commitment to providing you with numerous opportunities to enhance your skills and experience. We continually use feedback from our associates, builders, and leasing partners to further enhance our coursework and training. This training plays a critical role in helping our associates achieve their short and long-term career goals.

TempsPlus has your career in mind with unrivaled training programs.

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